Wednesday, July 13, 2011


As the day becomes dark I yearn for better tomorrows…
Long walks in the park filled with laughter,
But with each passing day it becomes harder to conceal my sorrows.
Maybe I'm just complaining too much…
Or maybe everything just happened to fast.
Ahh if I could do it all again….
I assume I'm suppose to say "I wouldn't change a thing",
But I'm too exhausted to lie to myself.
Maybe tomorrow after some rest, ill continue saying "I'm doing my best"
Everyone always seems to remember the mistakes committed in others past
I guess it becomes second nature wearing a mask,
So forgotten are their own…
I wonder if she knows how much it hurts not being able to talk to her.
On days like this I just want to put my head on her lap so she can play with my hair and I can tell her everything.
I have so much I want to tell her…but,
My heart knows that will never happen
Were to far in the journey to turn back
So we just keep on, and hope for a better tomorrow…
Yesterday I read the poem I wrote for him what seems like so long ago,
And relived for a moment what I felt when I wrote it.
But he's forgotten the walks in the park filled with laughter
The feeling of anticipation of what would come after
The talks of revolution, politics and religion till 6 in the morning
We spoke of the moments we wish we could relive again, and I remember thinking
"I can't wait to just hold his hand."
I guess he's become one of those moments
so i just hope well one day have a better tomorrow...

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